Sunday, 8 April 2007

Sweet Next Week

So I've had another wasted day; after the high that is Saturday, Sunday's always feel like a bit of a letdown. The shops are closed, and there's nothing much do. Plus, I've not reached the age yet where an appreciation of "Songs of Praise" has set in (thank gawd!). So Sunday's offer me nothing - and it's the one day of the week I detest most of all.

But lets not get all glum here! I'm betting the week ahead is going to rock. I've got another week free of doing anything at-all and I plan to spend it wisely. First up I'm hoping to complete new issues of both "Assassin" and "Darkened Avenue". I wrote the plans for both new issues on Friday night, and I can't wait to put pen to paper. Ironically in a week of me doing nothing at all, it's when I can find the time to write...

For I've also got the "Cigarettes and Paranoia" script to complete. I just know that once I get back to college next week I'll have so much on my plate again that I won't have any free time to write the film. Which would be a shame because I think the central idea behind it has potential. I'll have to write at lightspeed to get it completed then!

I've also got tonnes of coursework that I really should be getting on with - and one day this week I'm going to have to have on into the library and actually get some work done (which would make a change from my currentlazy stance towards college work!). But dammit - I hate college work so much. Makes the blood boil, indeedy!

On top of all that I want to actually have some free time to myself, and enjoy the company of my girlfriend. We're currently stuck for new and exciting things to do in and around Manchester, so if any Mancunians reading have any potential ideas, let me know (and it'd be much appreciated!) We just don't want to be stuck inside one another's homes 24/7! Although...

Right, I've blabbered on enough. Away with me! Have a great Easter bank holiday folks - just don't eat too many chocs; or Jillian Mackeith will 'av you!
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