Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Who Celebrates April 3rd?!?

Honestly it doesn't feel like over a year ago now that I started work on "April 3rd" - a project which then proved to be my first fully recorded short film. Work started on the project in March 2006, and over the next couple of months it evolved over and over again; literally beyond my wildest expectations.

The film has a very muddled plot though; concerning a seemingly average joe walking to the bus stop near to his house. As he goes about this journey, we hear his thoughts via a narration - eventually understanding that there's far more to the central character than we first realised. Because he's not an average joe at all... but something far worse - something that plays on very modern fears...

Looking back it's hard to decide if I'm at all happy with the film. If I'm honest the filming was chaos,and completly out of my control. The script I wrote was literally ripped to pieces by the director and the rest of the production crew - which made me vow from then on to direct my own scripts, no matter what. For I'd seen the damage that others could do, and didn't want that to happy ever again.

At the time, I was thinking so many things; especially how much I hated the narration - but now I realise something; it's very poetic, and possibly the best dialogue that I've ever written. Just proves how much self-flatulation us writers face. We're our own worst enemy, you know...

If I had a choice I'd go back and do it in a completly different way. For starters I'd direct the thing myself, and use another actor entirely (I played the role first time round, and simply wasn't up for the task!). Maybe I'd change the locations too; and make other such fundermental changes. But that's the thing about looking back - you can see so many of the original mistakes made. And me being the perfectionist that I am, I desperately want to make things right.

But we have to moveon, I suppose. We can't dwell on the past all our lives. It's about time I did just that. Last night was a start, I suppose, as work began on the "Cigarettes and Paranoia" script at long last. You know what they say; as one door closes, another opens.

And it's so true.
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