Friday, 4 May 2007

He Screams "I Won!"

Went to the Film Awards last night, and maybe drank a little too much wine. It was an open bar, and I just couldn't help myself - what can I say? But, in hindsight, it wasn't the best possible idea - cos when I eventually got round to taking my seat for the ceremony, my world was one constant blur, and I was swaying from side to side.

The category I was nominated for was, coincidentially, the first one announced, which got things out of the way pretty early on. I'd told myself that if I didn't win, I'd put on a graceful smile and pretend that I didn't want the award anyway. I would have said later on "Us film-makers don't do it for the awards and accolades". In other words, I'd have been lying through my arse!

But I did indeedy win, which was nice. I can now say I've won an Oscar*! Collecting the award, my head cleared enough for me to look out to the audience, and confidently say something the organisers probably hated - "It's not gold! The cheapscapes!" Erm... as award speeches go, not the best (but probably the most truthful!)

Afterwards my entire short film "Self" was played to the 150-strong audience. It was great cos before that, I'd only ever shown a handful of people at a time my work. Having a mass audience makes all the difference. They laughed in all the right places! They were scared when I wanted them to be scared! Nobody walked out! All in all, I think they enjoyed the film - but watching it myself, I could see just how much more mature my work has become since then.

Needless to say that the influence of the wine has worn off now. I'm back at the computer, attempting to write "Cigarettes and Paranoia" some more. In all honestly, it's my most accomplished work so far - and I don't care if it doesn't ever win any awards; because it's a film personal to me. And that's good enough, and self fulfilling.
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