Tuesday, 15 May 2007

No Crappy Excuses

Right now I could make up some crappy excuse why I haven't been blogging much recently; but I won't. I'll spare you from those terrible, terrible lies. Truth is, I haven't wanted to blog.

I've been a little down because the past week or so has been pretty horrible. Sure, I started work, but that all went pretty well. I'm settling in fast and making friends amongst the staff. Oh, and I've not broken anything yet despite my extremely clumsy ways - which is a personal best for me. Work without any little incidents!

Oh no, the problem comes from elsewhere. Namely, my personal life. It's kinda sad but something I never thought would end did indeed end this week and my life won't every be the same again. There's now a gapping hole in my existence, and I don't quite know what to do. But wounds heel (notice how vague I'm being?!) so I guess with time will come the resolutions I need.

Despite a crappy ten days, life continues on. Can't let things get on top of me. If that happens, I'll be defeated - and one thing I never do is lose. Gotta keep fighting on.

Whatever else.
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