Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Out of my Depth

Following my job interview on Sunday, I got a telephone call last night offering me the job. After months of money issues, and worrying that I'd never get a decnt sized job any time soon, my troubles were at an end. I'm officially employed - nothing can go wrong. Can it?!

Well today, the omens weren't good. I was asked to go to the site for an induction session, where I was took around the premise on a whistle top tour, and made to fill out sheet after sheet of personal details, health and safety checks, and other such snore-inducing documents. All of this had to be completed in an hour's time - which meant I was in quite a rush!

The session went so fast, infact, that I barely had time to catch a breath. My tour guide was telling me fact after fact, but before I had a chance to take any of the relevant info in (which would have been handy when starting a new job) the woman moved onto a new area of topic - leaving me completely lost. I have absolutely no idea what's required in this job - because it wasn't made clear at all.

So when I start this Friday afternoon, I guess I'm going to be thrown into the deep end, and will have to cope for myself. I just hope I don't poison anybody, or piss any customers off. That's all I need; and knowing me that's just what will happen. You don't understand how nervous I am though - I'm a writer, I'm use to controling my own universes. The chaos of customer service work scares the shit out of me.

But onwards and upwards, life continues. Infact tomorrow night is the "Film Awards" where my film Self is entered for the 'Best Experimental' film category. Fingers crossed I'll stand a chance of winning, but truth be told I couldn't care less. I'm just glad "Self" got completed on time, and within budget! Awards are the last thing on my mind - but it'd be nice to get some jury appreciation!

I'm off to bed. The dog's been moping around the house all day - she knows she's done wrong; and I doubt she'll ever try and kill a cat again. She better not, or it'll be me who gets it in the neck. Adios amigos.

Current Musical Choice: "Heartbeats" by The Knife
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