Thursday, 31 May 2007

Work Commitments

I'd say that I was pretty much settled into work right now. I know where all the cupboards are; what needs stocking; and most importantly, how to give the consumer what he or she wants. And right now, I'm beginning to make friends amongst my co-workers.

We all work together for so many hours every week, and there's a mutual appreciation amongst us all. A lot of the people there are incrediblty funny, and some are even hard working too. Yes, I know - shocking. Hard working staff? Whatever is the world coming to?! Next thing, you'll be telling me that pigs can fly (and I'm not talking Jade Goody in an aeroplane).

As a team, we work incredibly well and I throw myself into the job 150% percent (yep - I stole somebody else's 50%...) Whenever a job needs doing I'll do it straight away. I don't see the need in lazying about doing nothing - I'm part of a team, and when the team needs me I'll rise to the occassion. Which is why tonight I stayed behind an extra 2 hours tonight to help out the staff, who -0 due to whatever reason - where short in number.

Honestly, I didn't mind. Because when the job calls, you have to stand up and take attention. I don't care if it comes back and bite me in the ass - I won't ever stop doing it. Give a job your all, and it'll reward you dividends in the end.
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