Saturday, 23 June 2007

"Dream A Little Dream..."

I'm the first to admit that my childhood wasn't the greatest. Much of it was wasted watching my dad battle alcoholism; a condition that, till this day, he refuses to admit to. It drove my mum away, and has since driven my sisters away to. It's hard, you know, and there's very few means through which to escape.

Growing up, I found the best means was to simply dream - because by closing my eyes I could escape, if only for a short while, into some bizzare fantasy world. And it was great, because that world was all mine and nobody could invade upon it. It was a safehouse, and protected me from so much. And I guess I've never really escaped from its clutches.

Nowadays I still visit that world, every single night as I sleep. It rejuvinates my imagination and pumps my mind with all sorts of ideas. It's still the only place in my entire existence where I feel 100% safe; which is kinda sad. I'm a grown man, and the only place I feel secure is around myself. Kind of sums up the dangerous world we live in, doesn't it?

Dreaming is a fantastic means of regaining control in one's life. It's safe, and secure, and there anything is possible. Forget the totally PC times we live; where Gordon Brown and Tony Blair rule every ounce of our lives - in our dreams we're free.

Freedom is something we could all do with right now.
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