Friday, 8 June 2007

Lives Not Parallel

I had a good natter yesterday with an old friend of mine who I've been seeing less and less of recently. He's a swell guy, but are lives aren't exactly on parallel tracks - he's heading off in one direction, ready to do his thing, and I'm going in the completely opposite direction. And for that reason alone, there's been a bit of a distance between us.

We never fell out or anything, but over time we gradually run out of things to say to one another. He's studying forensic science, and I'm not - so it's a little hard to talk to him about the subject! But it happens in life - you meet someone, spend time with them, and then slowly drift away. That's life - get use to it.

Yesterday we caught up for the first time in ages, and I told him about Katie and how I'm no longer with her. And in that one second he was my best friend again, despite all that distance, ready to support me. We chatted and he really helped me out; a few things are now clearer than ever to me, and I can at last see a number of mistakes that I never saw before.

It was strange, because I was so ready to say goodbye to him. I thought our friendship was over, as there was nowhere else left to take it. But he pleasently surprised me, and for that one hour I spoke to him I didn't so utterly alone. There was somebody at my side willing to listen, and I appreciated that. I owe that guy so much - over the years he's done so much for me, but until yesterday I failed to realise just how much.

Thanks dude.
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