Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Oh No It Isn't!

The past couple of weeks have been dreadful. Computer-wise, I mean. Take my internet connection which hardly ever works anymore. Or my Hotmail account. Sorry Paul for not getting back in touch about that Cardiff visit - because of damn Hotmail I only got the message today! And it still won't let me send a reply. Technology hey, who needs it?

Truth is my computer is so damn infected with spyware that it's mighty pissing me off now. I'm forever downloading the latest anti-spyware detectors, but it's to no avail. My computer runs slower than a legless man pushed out of his wheelcar. If it doesn't crash before I've published this post, then I'll be damned. Or blessed. Whatever way you want to look at it.

Aside from my computer worries, my luck is finally changing. I'm a much happier person right now, and feel I'm finally 'moving on' from my ex-girlfriend Katie. I saw her the other day and tried to apologise, but she was being such a heartless be-otch. Seriously, she told me to shut up and everything! That's not the girl I fell in love with over 18 months ago. Oh no.

Since the break-up I've seen a whole new side to the girl; a side I'm not sure I like. She's not once tried to win me back, or make any effort to reconcile with me - so why should I bother anymore? I figure it's time I moved on for good, and for the past week that's exactly what I've been doing. And it feels great.

I'm in a much happier place right now; not quite Cloud Nine, but the lift's heading that way. Work's going great, and I met a group of fantastic people there. The exam season's about to hit, but I'm prepared for anything now and they don't scare me one little bit. And after that I've got a summer free to do whatever I want. How exciting!

So progress at last, and it feels great. I'm no longer moping about a girl I can't have. She's gone, and at last I can realise that. And move on. If only the damn computer would work. Sorry again Paul! And everybody else who's tried making contact! Blame the ruddy computer!

All together now: "Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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