Monday, 11 June 2007

What Became of Ye?

Almost two years ago I was sat at home one night when a brainwave idea hit me. In light of the, then, recent Doctor Who revival I wondered how cool it would to write my own science-fiction series for television; a show the whole family could sit down and watch together. The result? A little thing called "Timespotters".

All summer long I worked away on the series, and I even got round to writing a first draft script of episode one - where the protagonist, Evelyn Sawyer, was swept on an emotional rollercoaster through time itself, as she was plucked from her 21 st Century home and forced back in time, on a mysterious mission to save the world itself. How I let my imagination run wild!

Once summer ended and the practicality of my studies once again took full control I had to file the series away for a short while, and once more concentrate on my studies. But every opportunity I got I'd get that script back out and work on it again, in a desperate attempt to make it better and better. Hell, I even made a blog devoted to its writing.

But once 2006 hit, things sort of fizzled out. For a short while I decided I wanted to act and concentrated more on my stage efforts than anything else. Other times I was just too busy to give the series the attention it deserved. "Timespotters" sort opf died a death - but I like to think that one day it'll come back in some form, whatever that may be.

Re-reading the first couple of draft scripts I wrote they're a very messy experience! Characters are sometimes paper thin (think "Primeval") and the plot is marred by so many predictabilities that any 'twists' can be observed a mile away. But I really don't care, because I've learnt from the experience, and my writing has evolved so much since then.

So "Timespotters" wasn't a wasn't journey. It was the first proper script I ever wrote, long before "April 3rd" or "Aftermaths" or "Self" or "The Supermarket". It gave me my first opportunity to look at the world from a script writer's P.O.V and appreciate how much hard work goes into the writing process. For that reason, I'll never forget the series.

And now, here we are, 100 posts on from the launch of this "Timespotters" website (even if it is now called "House of Garnon"). Hope the ride so far has been a blast - I've got plently more left to say, if you're willing to listen. Guess I'll see you along for the ride. As the epilogue to my "Self" film read:

Anybody who's ever dreamed, write.
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