Monday, 23 July 2007

Letters of Love

I couldn't help myself but to do something incredibly stupid tonight. It involved writing possibly the longest letter I've ever written to a girl who's probably forgotten all about me since she broke up with me three months ago. What can I say? Me and Katie had unresolved issues, and I wanted to vent some stuff to her via the only way I could.

Relax, it was all positive - because no matter how much I try I can't be mad at the girl for what she did. The fact is, I still love Katie to pieces, more than anybody will ever know, and I want her back. It'll probably never happen but I had to take the chance with the letter. I don't want to be sat here in fifty years regretting not at least trying to win her back.

She's played on my mind a lot these past few weeks. Perhaps it's because she's on holiday right now; a holiday she booked when she was still with me. It says so on my handy pocket calender. I dunno why, but after a month of calm I'm suddenly awash with thoughts of her again. Proves just how much I care about here I guess.

Anyhoo... away from Katie and all that femaleness, I've had a quiet couple of weeks spent at work, or at home. I finally got round to finishing the latest Harry Potter last night, and was a little disappointed - although I absolutely adore the character arc that JK Rowling put Snape through. The man might have died the tragic hero, but that doesn't mean his death didn't hurt. Thanks for the ride Joanne.

If my scripts can achieve only half the appreciation of the Harry Potter books, then I'll be happy. My two latest scripts, "Hey Jude" and soemthing absolutely top secret are shaping up nicely. I might have enough notes to make a start on one or the other soon enough. Exciting times. I can't wait to get started.

Wish me luck.
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