Sunday, 8 July 2007

Summer Holiday

It's been a strange couple of weeks. College is over and done with forever (huge sigh of relief) and I'm looking ahead to a whole summer of work. Well not quite - I've got a one week holiday early August time (nowhere exciting; just a holiday camp in Rhyll) It'll be great just to get away for a week - seven whole days! - and let my hair down a little.

I feel as though I've been working non-stop for so long now. What with college, and work and all this internet blogging I've not had five minutes to myself for so long so I figure I deserve seven days of non-committal bliss. Hell, it might finally allow me time to completely once and for all move on from she who shall not be named. Ah, to hell with it, Katie.

Honestly, I'm not really a holiday sort of guy. A few years back when I last went abroad to Spain I took several scripts with me and despite the sun and all the glorious sights I spent all day slaving away on those damn scripts. That's commitment for you, I suppose.

Perhaps a summer holiday will do me some good. It'll give me time to freshen my mind and what not, cos honestly I feel exhausted sometimes. Just look at some of these latest blog posts - they read like juvenile playthings. My pen is flagging. I need that flame to recharge so that my writing can get back to what I like to call "good enough". Cos right now I feel anything but.

Whatever you're doing this summer, whether it's a caravan in Rhyll or some sqish swash holiday home abroad I hope you have a great time. Just don't get too sunburn and don't eat too much. You'll have trouble getting back into those jeans when you get back home else...
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