Monday, 20 August 2007

Broadening the Horizons

I'm the sort of person who likes change. A lot. Hell, it's one of the many reasons why I never tire of script writing, or even looking at the world around me, because every time I pick up a pen or open my eyes I'm seeing the world with fresh eyes. Everything changes, because it must. And now too I thought it the ideal time to freshen up this silly old website of mine, give it a lick of paint and a right royal kick up the arse.

That's why over the next couple of weeks (before the big grande adventure that is university begins) I'll be updating the site with new content, including a whole array of new site links that I recommend you all visit, immediately. I'll link to people who I respect, or have learnt from; people that have touched my life, and who I now want to touch yours too. Extraordinary beings.

I'll also begin to make this more of a news resource for my writing. 'Cos I haven't really had the time recently, I've let my writing wander somewhat, and now's the time I pick up the pieces and become a more leaner, harder working writer once again. So come to the site for development news on whatever I may or may not have up my sleeve. And then cry when I bore you rigid.

One of the biggest changes I want to bring about is the chance to widen my writing ability. By that, I want to write about things on here that interest me, in a very informed acedemic sense. As a writer, I'm always down on myself for never really living up to my full potential, so I figure it's about time I started living a little, and learning from my life lessons.

Life is about change. Being a writer, especially in the 21st century, is even more so. You've gotta stay ahead of the times, or risk being left behind. I hope you'll join me on this wild and somewhat unpredictable ride of mine. I hear it won't all bore you rigid...
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