Saturday, 11 August 2007

Holiday 1 Beard 0

It was the week I never thought would come. The week that, just one month before, would have been considered 'impossible'. Yes, for once the sun was out in all its glory - and for seven whole days I got to enjoy it sat on a beach somewhere (okay... Wales) whilst on holiday. Me on holiday, imagine! Oh yes, you heard me right, holiday!

To mark the occassion I did try and celebrate by growing myself a neat little beard - but my facial hair has never really lived up to expectations, and once again the beard failed to materialise. All I ended up with was a little fluff on my chin and cheeks. Honestly, any male reading this right now who has got a full face of hair I've got one thing to say to you - lucky bastard! I feel so de-masculated through my lack of face fluff. I could cry, but I'm too much of a girl.

Aside from that the holiday was a great getaway. I neglected to take any scripts with me, or even any of my many notes, because - lets face it - a holiday is a holiday, and even I wasn't going to spend it writing! But that doesn't mean I didn't at least think about several ideas. Though I'm no further along with "Hey Jude!" that top secret script project of mine now feels ready enough to come alive. Soon it shall live (*insert crazy professor laugh here*)!!!

It's back to work tomorrow, and I can't wait to catch back up with my team mates there. A few weeks back we all went out for a bender across town, which was quite an experience. Naturally I drank the most, but somehow remained the most sober - which kinda defies logic. Go figure.

Enjoy the sun folks, and please - please - shave off those beards. You're making me wanna cry.
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