Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Nothing to Talk About

I figure it's my duty to update this little blog of mine; even though, strictly speaking, I haven't actually got anything to report upon. That's right, I've succumb to the fatality of boring young man. My life (at the moment) revolves around working - and when i'm not doing that I'm sat in my bedroom attempting (but ultimately failing) to write some scripts.

Honestly, I've no idea what's happened to me of late - it's as if I can't quite motivate myself to write. I'm that exhausted from working at the cinema that the last thing I want to do when I get back home is work some more. If you can count writing as working - I don't. I like to call it the greatest, most imaginative hobby that one can possess.

Anyways, there's a whole bunch of newbies who've started working at the cinema. I've taking it upon myself to take them under my wings and show them the ropes - like I myself was shown just three months ago. It's funny how the pupil has become the teacher, huh? Personally, I hope I'm doing a good job teaching them!

Right, I'm waffled on about nothing for long enough, so I'll be off now. Adios!
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