Monday, 10 September 2007

The Sun Is Shining

Today's seen some absolutely gorgeous weather, you know. I mean, I was trapped inside the cinema most of the day wanting to get back out, so I can appreciate the short burst of sunshine better than most. You know what else? The doom and gloom appears to have passed in my life too, and I feel all the better for it.

The past few weeks have been kind of hard on me; I guess it's 'cos of the transition I'm currently going through in life. Everything changes, and I just needed time to adjust to that time. But I feel all better now, and I'm a better man because of my experiences.

There's a script idea that I'm currently working on with seems to have a great deal of potential. So far it has two (count 'em!) unofficial working titles, because I can't decide which one suits the script better - "The Pen and Paper Paradox" or "Vox Dei". The idea is basically a spin on the Supermarket idea I had a while back - only now it's 100% better and more polished.

Thanks to Peter Pan for being a great friend, even if you're over 100 miles away! That beer you promised me will arrive one day; and so will the day I pay you back!

See you around folks; promise you things are looking up fom here on in.
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