Tuesday, 4 September 2007

That's My Baby (In The Corner)

I've been a little absent of late, though it's through no fault of my own. What with the summer holidays, and work commitments and everything else time's just flown by! It's now September, and Christmas is coming (!) and there's loads and loads of stuff I've still got left to do before I start university. Mostly scripts - because yes, there's still a big pile of ideas waiting to be written. I'll get to them eventually. Promise.

If I'm honest I still don't quite feel 'over' Kate of yet. Yes, it's been four months, and yes I really should move on - but you know what? I can't (and won't). The girl meant so much to me, it's impossible to put it in print, and I owe it to 'us' and the memory of just how much we meant to one another once upon a time. We were special. We really shouldn't be in this position right now.

Life does indeedy go on, and it must. Just today I was out with my sister, Donna, watching "Knocked Up" at the cinema. It's a terrific film that I'd recommend to all; it's full of humanity and genuine laugh out loud moments and the two leads have absolute chemistry. Infact, it's one of only a few films that I've actually been sad to see end. I just wished I could spend longer with these characters, because over the course of two hours I fell in love with them all.

When I get round to making real television and film scripts, I want my writing to be just that. I want it to break my audiences heart that the programme/film they're watching is about to end. If I succeed in doing that then it's job done.

I'm off to watch another film - Shane Meadows' "This is England" - and maybe, just maybe, I'll pick up my pen and write. Other than that, I'm sure I'll be moping about the ex and wishing I had her back. Don't look at me like that; I know I've gotta move on, but it's easier said than done. Besides, I don't actually want to move on. Not ever.
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