Monday, 8 October 2007

Brand Spanking New

After months of working, I finally had enough money saved up last week for me to go out and buy a laptop - a piece of equipment I've been longing for (and needing!) for years now. The model I got was a Sony Viao, with 1080 pixel HD screen, which should come in handy for video editing at university. Oh, and script writing too.

For so long I've been writing free hand, slaving over every word and when a mistake was made I'd cross it out and start again. Sometimes, if this is believable, I'd just carry on and accomodate the mistakes into my work (yep, I'm that lazy). Now I don't have to do that; if I don't like what I see I just press delete and start again. Perhaps now I can write as I've always meant to? Who am I kinding, it's not the equpiment but the imagination that needshe upgrade!

University is going well, especially my script writing classes. I've made a handful of friends already - and considering the industry I'm about to enter, that's a very good thing indeed. It's great being in a class with like minded people; individuals who want to write and edit and direct and all that stuff. For once, I'm not that lonely writer sat in the corner of the room being called a swat. I am a swat - but so is everybody else!

I'm writing my latest script offerings right now - "The Pen/Paper Paradox" and "Cigarettes and Paranoia". They form a sort of double feature - with "Cigarettes..." coming in at just under ten minutes long and "...Paradox" at a more conventional 90 minutes. I figure that for a British film to succeed in the 21st Century, what with Hollywood and internet downloads, it has to offer something uniquely special - and a sort of 'double barrel' feature could offer just that.

I'll update you on any progress if and when it's made. A nation suddenly waits with baited breath!!
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