Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Ever the Feminist

I like to think that I'm a liberal person - not the sort that shouts about it though, just to impress others because 'it's the right thing to be'. Oh no, my liberalarism comes from the fact that, at my heart, I'm a good person who just wants to help other people. I care about the people around me; I genuinely care. Probably too much.

Which is why I got a little annoyed this week with as girl I was just trying to help out - because like I said, I try to be a nice guy, whenever I can; and I think she took my actions a little too strongly. That, and she's misguided, and not able to fully comprehend the idea of feminism.

It all started last month when I started uni. Unlike college or high school, the first day was scary because I had nobody familiar around me; somebody to protect me from all these strange and alien new people. I was all on my own - for the first time forced to make new friends or spend the rest of time as a social reject. So that's what I did, and that's how I met her.

She's a nice enough girl, is Emma. Originally from Durham, she's moved up to Bolton to study at university - she's on the same script writing course as me, and has the same accedemic goals. Yep, she wants to be a writer too. Which is cool and all; I have a writer friend!

Anyways, I decided to take her on a tour of Manchester, seen as though she's never travelled to the city before. And the tour went well; we spent a couple of hours looking around the shops - championing the DVD stores and such. Afterwards, once the tour of duty were completed, we headed on out to the local Pizza Hut for a bite to eat.

Ah, Pizza Hut.

Being the gentleman I am, I offered to pay for the entire meal. Emma objected and wanted to pay her half, but I refused. But she counter struck by insisting. And I refused. Again. Eventually I decided to come to a compromise and said "look, if you really want to spend that ten pounds, go out and buy yourself something fanciful, and don't feel guilty about it. Cos that money would only have gone towards the food anyways."

I think I'm being all sweet and nice and gentleman like, but she doesn't see it like that. She goes in a right royal huff and calls me chauvinistic and anti-feminist! She feels I'm challenging her as a female, suggesting that she can't pay for herself in this world.

And I'm outraged and argue back that I didn't make the gesture because she's female, but because I wanted to be a nice guy and look after a potential friend. But she's not having any of it; she's stubborn and angry. We don't talk for the rest of the meal, or when we do it's just grunts and the occassional "yes" or "no".

Honestly, it cut deep for her to accuse me like that. If anything I like to think I'm one of the most open minded and liberal persons around, and I can't see how she could accuse me of being anti-feminist in any way! I tell myself that the girl hardly knows me and isn't a fair judge of character - but it still annoys me to think that she thought that.

Guess I need to care a little less what people think of me.

Worse thing is, outside the Pizza Hut when we've both calmed down again, the girl had the cheek to say that she was, after all the arguing, "only joking".

Yeah right.
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