Wednesday, 24 October 2007

I Asked For It...

I'm a student representative at university. It was an optional thing really; you put your name down, and the programme leader picks who he or she wants. There's a few responcibilites that come with the role - including a handful of messages here and there. Today, I attended one of them; and I was bored out of my skin.

I guess I knew what I was letting myself in for, but it doesn't make the meeting any less of a snorefest! I mean, honest to God, what's to find interesting in talk of PQDPs, valiations and the such?! I've been at university one month - I'm not supposed to be dealing with stuff like that!

At least I got some planning done, sat there in the conference room - not knowing where to look or who to respond to. I opened the notebook and started writing random thoughts and ideas, all of which went on to form the basis of a new microshort I've, just literally, finished writing. It's called "Alice's Test Card Crisis" and is the simple tale of what one girl does when her television crashes and she's forced to turn it off.

I've also been planning that top secret project again, and it's looking promising. It's great to be able to write a series (of sorts) where the characters have room to grow and then establish their own mythologies. It should be a very good experience; I'm just waiting to hear back off of the right people and I'll script the series. Episode one at least. And then we'll film it, and you guys will be able to watch it all you want online! Exciting, huh?

Talking of filming, I've been out again today doing some scenes for my first proper university asignment. Basically I have to record several 'mock' scenes for an episode of the Bill. It's testing my cinematography skills and my use of lighting. I feel today went well, then, but 'cos I was rushed I hardly had time to do the lighting any justice.

Honestly, my actors were severely under-lit, and at times it's impossible to work out who's saying what and when. If only I had a little more time on my hands I'd reshoot those scenes again to a better standard; but I haven't. Time isn't a commondity I possess right now, I'm afraid. So I guess I'll just have to make do with what I've got.

Still, I'm not complaining - I've had a great few days. I'm over the moon (still) with news that Peter Davison's return to Doctor Who. Today, I've even happier as a bundle of Doctor Who DVDs fell through my letter box. I ordered them last week via after I spotted that they were all on special offer. So I used the opportunity to complete my collection at last!

Oh, and I finally (!) got the Lost series three boxset on Monday - I get to watch the episodes at long last on my TV set. No more grainy (illegal) internet viewings for me...!

Well, until season four begins, at least.
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