Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Me & Religion

A couple of months ago I bought the paperback edition of Richard Dawkin's "The God Delusion", and found myself agreeing with much of what Dawkins had to say. I've followed the man's career for a number of year's now - ever since his "Root of All Evil" documentary on Channel 4 - and I find his approach to aetheism decidedly original and brutally honest in approach.

I 'discovered' (if that's the correct lexis to use here) my own enlightenment way back in 2000. Ironically it was a Sunday morning, sat in church, when I realised that I didn't believe in God or his apparent teachings. I have no idea wat went through my mind that day, but something just 'clicked' into place. I guess I realised that I don't need a God-like figure to idolise in my own life - I'm happy to take control of my own destiny, and take responcibility for my actions.

A lot of people act under the presumption that aetheism is a lonely 'profession', and I'm inclined to agree. There's something shameful about standing up and admitting that you're now an aetheist, a non believer in God. Perhaps it's because the 'believers' form such a large portion of society, or perhaps it's because they like to think they form such a large number that they have a confidence and a power - when united - that us lowly aetheists do not.

Dawkins' book brillantly makes the case for us aetheists, and gives us cause to unite together and - after hundreds of years being silenced by religious leaders and heads of state - make a stand against religion. Dawkins is right; we don't have to stand around and do nothing whilst watching millions of others around us act up to some demi-God, or is second cousin, or whatever. We can fight for reason, and attempt to show others that religion isn't the only way forward.

Freed from the restraints of a God figure, we can truly have human free will. The choices we make won't reflect religious laws, just our own conscience. We can be a real race of people; not just sheep who follow the shepard of God.

We can achieve so much without the shadow of God upon us. Please, just think for yourself. Make your own choices. And fight for what you believe in.

God doesn't have to be our guiding force.
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