Friday, 16 November 2007

Beautiful Yesterday

Nostalga is a pretty powerful thing, because the older you get the more you long for days gone by. As an adult you always have an appreciation for those films, songs and television programmes you watched or listened to as a kid.

It's why the Spice Girls can reform and tour, because the little girls who once bought their music are now all grown up and willing to spend again. It's why Teenage Mutent Ninja Turtles has come full circle these past few years, as the original fans introduce their kids to the show. And it's one of the reasons why I couldn't help but smile tonight; Peter Davison, back in Doctor Who!

When I was a wee kiddo, Doctor Who had run its course on BBC One and I had to watch the VHS tapes that my Dad had (cough, cough) aqquired over the years. I spent many an afternoon watching Davison's Doctor, in shows like "Earthshook", "The Five Doctors" (a particular favourite at the time) and "Ressurection of the Daleks" - but, for some reason, never "Kinda". That story always used to freak me out as a kid. It's only now, all grown up, that I can appreciate it for all its worth.

It was great having the Fifth Doctor back; just like I loved having Sarah Jane Smith back in the "School Reunion" episode of 2006. Hell, my childhood love and dedication for Lis Sladen's character runs that deep that I set up a website devoted to her!

I don't think you ever leave your childhood behind. The things that you experience define your very existence - which is why somebody like Quentin Tarrantino or Russell T Davies is making the stuff that they make - childhood love. It's a reason why I'd love to write for Doctor Who one day, because it feels like I have so much affection waiting to be given back.

My philosophy in life (no matter what) is that we should always try and remember our past - not to the point where it overshadows one's present or future, but enough that yo never forget where you came from, and how it is you got where you are today. Like a wise guy once said to me, life is a journey.

It's funny to think that my life has ben defined like it has, but it's a definition that I smile just thinking about. So many things. So many experiences. So much life.

Nostalga is a powerful tool; it's a reminder of the past, helping us get back onto track when we might have derailed on our journey.

As for me, my nostalga? It's all around...

This song, for whatever reason, brings it all flooding back.
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