Monday, 19 November 2007

Death in the Family

It's lunch, and I'm at university, and there's a rather macabre feel to the day. Today is the first day back since Roger Manthorpe died last Thursday, and nobody quite knows how to react. Do we carry on like normal, like Roger would have wanted, or do we stop to reflect on the passing of this funny, intelligent and talented soul?

So many people on my Media, Writing and Production course have been effected by Roger's death. Hell, they posted a news item on Bolton University's homepage, so pretty much everybody here is aware of what happened. And we're all upset; grieving in our own little ways.

For me, I'm dealing with it internally. When my Grandad died of cancer years ago, I kept it all inside. That's not because I can't, or don't want, to talk to anybody about it; I just have a different outlook on death than most people. I like to see the positives about a person's life, when most other people are distraught that said person has gone.

That means that it's hard for me to talk to them, because my positive outlook on the person's passing can seem over bearing, almost a little too soon after the death has occured. So I keep quiet, so not to offend the other people left behind.

Anyhoo, we're trying to find an ideal tribute for Roger right now. There's the video footage that me, him and a group of others shot last month. I'm thinking of collecting it all together and editing it together, to give out to his friends and family. That way they can see just how talented he was behind the camera, and just how hilarious he happened to be infront of it.

Other people have suggested that we film three scripts that he wrote whilst on this scriptwriting course. Personally, I love the idea because not only is it honouring the memory of Roger, and the works that he made, but it's also doing what he would have loved; filming, and giving new film makers the chance to have their voice heard. I don't care who, when or where this project will take place, but you can count me in. I wouldn't miss the opportunity to pay tribute to a fallen friend for the world.

As I'm the Student Rep on this MWP course I'll meet with the course leader, Anna, to discuss other options open to us right now. The important thing to remember is that we've all lost a good friend, and a talented man. We have to honour his memory not just for the students of today, but for those of the future too. We have to make Roger proud.

That's all I've got to say right now.
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