Friday, 23 November 2007

Goodnight, Verity

I've just heard the sad news that Verity Lambert has died, aged 71. The woman was Doctor Who's very first producer, way back in 1963. Back then, Verity was the BBC's youngest ever producer, and in that capacity she was one of the corporation's few female producers.

All my life I've been entertained by Verity's work. Not only Doctor Who, but shows like GBH and Jonathan Creek too. They're shows that made me laugh, made me think and most importantly, made me want to make television shows just like them.

I never met Verity Lambert, but I've seen her enough on DVD documentaries and television programmes to know how passionate, thought provoking and damn right independent the woman was. Even in her seventies the woman was still a major player in the UK's television industry - still producing shows, like "Love Soup" series two, that viewers will love.

Her death yesterday has a certain irony as it's the 44th anniversary of Doctor Who's launch today - a date that Verity would no doubt have wanted to celebrate. Because she was there, 44 years ago, helping to create the birth of a television institution with the likes of Syndey Newman. She might be gone, but for as long as Doctor Who is on the airwaves and the fans are there to celebrate everything about it, she'll never be forgotten.

Goodnight Verity. Thanks for keeping us watching all these years.
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