Monday, 5 November 2007

The Invisable Man

Following on from what I posted about my unwillingness to celebrate Halloween last Wednesday I just wanted to say that I don't see the point in Bonfire Night either (hey-up, you're seeing the grumpy side of me at last!). I just don't see the point in standing around a great big fire watching objects burn. It's a very archaic tradition, and one that I generally don't participate in. 'Cept sparkles of course, 'cos we all know that they rock.

Right now I'm wondering why the Film 21 site has disappeared (check, it's gone!) and trying my hardest to avoid a 2000 word essay that's due in on Wednesday. So far I'm succeeding; I've only completed 300 or so words. Better get cracking then... Oh, to hell with it, I'm having too much fun writing this brand spanking new script idea of mine. Yes, the secret project that I can't talk about in too great a detail...

It's creeping slowly towards the script writing process. The past week I've been developing the central character (he has a wonderfully mundane name, but if I tell you it'll give the whole game away so it too stays a secret for a while yet!) The character is a wonderful mix of past and present; you'll find the usual Anthony Garnon trappings there, but he's a breath of fresh air too. His character is one of those creations that reminds me as a writer just how diverse and wonderful the world can be.

He's a bit of a loner really; an "invisable man" in society, and he's trying to change that fact. It's his main motivation in life. Three weeks away from a not so important birthday, and what has he actually achieved? Answer = not much. It's time the guy pulls his head out of the sand and starts living a little. Question is, is anything ever that simple?

Right, I've already said too much. I promise you, once the script is written and potentially filmed I'll spill all the beans to you about my oh-so-exciting project. Just bare with me till I'm ready, cos otherwise I'll blab everything already, and they'll be very little to tell you afterwards when you want it most! That's how it works; tell your audience everything up front and they're already bored. So, yeah, there's more to come.

I'm waffling. The bonfire smoke is creeping under the front door and clouding my judgements.

And dammit, I've run out of sparklers.
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