Thursday, 15 November 2007

Roger Manthorpe

Last night my friend Roger Manthorpe died.
In the two months we knew each other I came to learn just how kind and generous - not to mention talented - the guy was.

Roger was one of those people that you were always jealous of, and wanted to be like. And it breaks my heart that he's gone from the world forever.

I didn't know him like others did. We met at university, but immediately his talent shined through. He was definitely top of our class! He had so much potential that it wasn't ever a question of if he'd make it, only when.

He had lived such an extraordinary life, often sharing stories with you, that were funny, shocking, or really, really moving. Sometimes all at once.

What hurts most of all is knowing he leaves behind a wife and two kids, back in Hull. He would visit them at the weekend, and then come back to Bolton and tell us all about them. His love for those around him was crystal clear.

There's a tremendous feeling Roger should still be here. He died aged just 33 years old, with so much still left to give. Those opportunities have been prematurely snatched from him.

All we can do now is remember the man, and try our best to honour him.
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