Sunday, 18 November 2007

Time Goes By

I still can't quite believe how fast 2007 has rolled on by. It's now mid-November, and Christmas is just half a dozen weeks away now. So, where did all that time go?

Part of me thinks that work is to blame - because I've fallen into a weekly routine there, time is slipping me by at a faster-than-expected rate. It's hard to believe that I've been at the cinema six and a half months now (I'm fast becoming part of the furniture... no, seriously, customers sit on me, it's quite bizarre and more than likely highly illegal, but the old women seem to love it, so who's taking note?!) Seriously, after all this time I'm still having a blast, making friends and being generally crazy. It's because of my friends there that time has gone so fast, because they make life fun, and ensure I never stop laughing.

Perhaps another reason why time has moved so fast, is because I've let it. In my attempts to get over the ex, Katie, I'd often shut her out of my mind completely and pretend like everything was fine and dandy, even when it wasn't. These fake smiles help carry me through the days, when I felt hollow and unloved inside. And in this condition days would turn to weeks, and weeks to months. Time flies by when you stop caring.

Luckily I'm back again now; I've released all that angst I had over Katie and I've moved on from the relationship. I worked out a few weeks ago that it's over and time to move on. So that's just what I've done. Katie is my history; but I've still got so much left to enjoy yet.

Oh yes; time is going so fast right now because of Santa. And his eleves, and reindeer, and Mrs. Clause too. Yes, I'm one of those sad ornate people you see who counts down the days until Christmas day! Don't ask me why, but I've always been that way. Not because I'm greedy neccessarily and want all the presents, but because Christmas is always a special time, and one of the only 'event' holidays I ever get to spend with all the family. So, fingers crossed, time will evade me even more and the big day will arrive asap!

It's true you know, the older we get the faster our days become. Whether that's because of routine, or because we're forcing ourselves to continue on with life after noticable hardships, or becuase we've finally got something to look forward to in the not too distant future. But that's ok; just make sure you don't always live life in the fast line. Sometimes it's equally important to slow down and enjoy life today, and everything that we have already got. Life is so short, it'd be a mighty shame if we wasted it all on wishing for tomorrow.
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