Tuesday, 20 November 2007

A Very Decent Apocalypse

I've spent most of today writing my new script, episode one of "Frank's Apocalypse". It's been an interesting experience so far, putting together a whole new fictional universe with brand new characters (and Horatio Maguire, too) entering into exciting new adventures. The first series, thirteen ten-minute episodes, has now been plotted in its entirely, and you know what? There's not a single idea in there that doesn't excite me.

The whole series is so very clever and captivating. It's one of those splendid ideas that comes along every now and then that you can't turn your nose up at. It has the potential to be hilariously funny, but at the same time the most dramatic thing I've ever written. And if it doesn't break your heart at least once an episode, then I've failed as a writer!

Episode one is being written right now. It's called "Golden Curls" and features the introduction of two very important characters (if not the most important) Frank and Alice. Their relationship will form the back bone of the entire series; and it'll be interesting to look back at their humble beginnings once I've finished telling the story that I want to tell.

So, yeah, episode one is my top priority right now, followed by the writing of episode two. After that I'll assemble the cast and crew at the end of December, or early in the new year, and we'll hopefully film the piece, with me sitting in the director's chair. After that, if all is well, then we'll post it online, and you can meet Frank and see his apocalypse at last.

And there you go; it's started. The scripts are being written. Actors are being assembled. And hopefully, if I've written this post with enough love and enthusiasm for the series, they'll now be people out there waiting to see what we come up with. Let's not disappoint them.

Frank, it's over to you.
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