Friday, 30 November 2007

Wall of Secrets

I'm happy when I'm writing, but happier still when I'm obsessing about the stuff I write. Take my latest idea, "Frank's Apocalypse" - right now I've got all sorts of documents relating to the series (episode notes, character guides, deadlines, that sorta thing) pinned up to my bedroom room. It's a way of constantly reminding myself about the characters, and the stories, and the whole "Frank" universe.

Like the best method actors (think De Niro, or Hoffman) I live with my characters during my writing journey; they consume my free time, and in return I get to live in their world - with characters I love writing about, and who (in my own imagination) embrace me and like the sort of person I am. It's why I started writing in the first place; because I was a lonely child, who desperately wanted somebody to love him back. And my characters, who live with me when I write, fill that particular void.

Progress is - slowly - being made on the "Frank" series. I spent all day Tuesday writing an ideal opening monologue for the first episode, only to re-read what I wrote on Wednesday night, decide it was all horrendous mush and delete it all to start again. Now I'm about a quarter of the way through writing, and having a whale of a time.

At the same time I'm trying to assemble a team together who'll help me bring the first script to life (I look at episode one as a backdoor pilot - if it's successful I'll launch it as an ongoing series). So far I have a couple of actors, including myself!, involved and a possible production assistant - not to mention a dozen or so other people who've expressed a desire to take part.

But, thing is, today was supposed to be the deadline for the first draft of episode one (which is now title less after I decided "Golden Curls" simply wouldn't do...) Guess I'll have to put my skates on and hurry up and get the thing written and then edited, so we can film during Christmas and into the New Year. Fingers crossed, it's going to happen.

So yeah, that's where I am at the end of November. Production should hopefully pick up in December, and lots of exciting things will happen as a result. This is the most exciting time, when things being to take shape and you realise that, after all your worries, the project might just meet expectations after all. And that's enough to push me on, and encourage me to continue on the same path, knowing that what I'm doing will work.

December, here we come...
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