Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Boxing Day Blues

I'll be honest with you, if there's one place I didn't want to be today, that's work. After a nice (relaxing) Christmas Day break I'm back to Hell... sorry, the cinema for another day's work. Only this time the customers were that little bit more hungover, that little bit more pissed off with life, and that little bit less in the mood of Christmas. Chaos everywhere, and I was caught in the middle of it.

Still, I got paid time and half for working it, so it wasn't all bad news. And I got to hang out with some friends at work, including James and Anthony, who I hadn't seen for a couple of days. Honestly, it's a bad idea getting us lads together; we're so anarchic and terrible. But it's tremendous fun; the best. Wouldn't want to spend my post-Christmas blues with anybody else!

Before my shift I watched the new Will Smith apocalypse drama, "I Am Legend" which was fairly good (if you pardon the rather religious undertones the film takes during its last Act) As you know by reading this blog, I'm a sucker for anything set post Apocalypse. Like "28 Days Later" or "Day of the Triffids" or whatever. I love all that stuff. Hopefully one day I'll get to write something just as interesting.

Talking of which, it's time I get back down to my script writing again. I've had a couple of weeks off due to uni presentations and Christmas, and work and everything else, but with the new year coming I better get into practice again. I've got "Frank's Apocalypse" episode one waiting to be written; "Cigarettes and Paranoia" / "The Pen and Paper Paradox" too; a re-draft of "Aftermaths" is long overdue; and "Beautiful, She" too. Loads of stuff, so little time. Better get writing!

That's going to be a new year's resolution of mine; to maintain my script writing duties. Because of my life's chaotic and random nature it's hard to follow a writing pattern or routine, but routine is exactly what I need right now. So, come 2008 I'm going to try harder than ever to apply routine to my writing side of life.

I've got other resolutions too, which I'll explain closer to the time. For now, I'm just looking at 2008 as a chance to "make amends". A lot of stuff got broken in 2007 (and way before 2007, too) and it's about time I try and mend it all back together. Like script ideas that may have escaped me, or friends lost, or work incompleted, or anything else that may have been short changed in the past. 2008 will be the year I do everything I set out to do, and forgive all forgivens. It's time I move on from the past; clear my conscience, and embrace the future.

Have a great Christmas holidays. Turns out my Boxing Day wasn't as unfocused as I originally thought. Work was (kinda) fun, and I've had chance to think my life through. Guess it beats just sitting at home, or braving the High Streets for Boxing Day Sale bargains. I made something of my December 26th. Way to go!!
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