Sunday, 23 December 2007

Christmas Evenong

Started this tradition a couple of years back, after reading something amusing on the college intranet system. The admin team had posted an item about a Christmas event happening on December 23rd, and they'd labelled the night "A Christmas Evening". Well, they hadn't. A pesky typo got in the way, and they'd typed "A Christmas Evenong", which I found kinda hilarious (considering this was a Catholic-based learning environment!) It got me thinking; nothing ever happens on December 23rd. Not really. It's kinda a dead end day, where you worry that you haven't bought everybody's presents, and worry even more about the ones you have bought people.

So I decided to make something of December 23rd, and ensure that it wasn't 'just another' dead end day. Spruce it up a little, by doing something fun.

And Christmas Evenong was born.

This year I spent Evenong at work, doing what seemed like the Never Ending 2 till 10 concessions shift. Despite a lull in the middle, it was an okay-ish day - apart from when I dropped nachos everwhere, slipped on the ice outside, a customer threatened to kill me and I got mind freeze from eating ice cream so fast. Oh the pain! The humilation! The damned!

Yeah, in all seriousness, one customer didn't like the way I talked to him (with utmost respect) and said I was being disrespective to him and his family. I wasn't. He said I threw a pen at him and threatened him verbally... Erm... No. I passed him the pen, and then he threw it back at me. Then he threatened to kill me, before the secruity guy kicked him out.

He said he'd wait for me outside, and do me in at the end of my shift, which I was fine with. After all, this was four o'clock, and my shift had another six hours to go. If he waited out there for me all that time, he'd be an ice cube by the time I got outside!

I did see him later whilst I was midnight shopping in Asda. He decided to follow me around in his car and beep his car horn at me, and then speed up as I crossed the Zebra crossing. My mum and sisters, who I happened to be with, decided to shout insults at the guy - and I'm guessing he went away with his tale inbetween his legs!

Aside from that, I thought work was swell. I'm kinda bewildered right now because there's this girl there that I really shouldn't like that I really do like. When I look at her in context we are miles apart. Polar opposites. She likes chalk, I like cheese (it goes better with Lea and Perrin, I find) and there's a feeling alive in me that we'd be so very terrible together. Guess it's just a crush. They do say opposites attract.

And that's my day! All the Christmas shopping is done; I finally (well, three days early!!) bought Battlestar Galactica: Razor on DVD, and "Knocked Up" too. Man, I love that film. I would watch it again tomorrow, but I'm busy at work until at least 8 o'clock. Damn.

Still, it's Christmas Eve (accept no imitations) and Santa's due. I can't wait!

What do you mean, Santa's not -
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