Wednesday, 19 December 2007

A Documentary... About God

Back in August 2005 I saw my very first feature length documentary (Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11) at the cinema, and I totally grasped the opportunities that documentary film making could offer. So much so that I started to plan out my very own documentary inside my head, and I based it off of a subject I knew a lot about; God.

In this post I talked about what made me an atheist, and it was these non-beliefs that promoted me to make "A Documentary About God", a film that I hoped would open up a lot of people's eyes to the faults of religion and those that choose to follow it. Ultimately, nothing ever came of the idea and nothing was ever filmed.

Well, I say "nothing", but something did actually happen - I interviewed a local Reverend, Rev. David Hall, a minister at the local Methodist Church. We sat down and talked for half an hour, in front of camera and besides being an utterly charming man, Hall talked about his religious past, how he came to believe in God en force, and the reasons why he felt I shouldn't be an atheist.

I got back home after the interview, and watched the footage back. Once I'd transcribed it, I put it in the drawer and forgot all about it - until earlier this week, when chance had it that I came across the transcript again, and I realised just how (potentially) great an interview it was. All I need is a few brush ups, and follow up questions (to update the interview and bring it up to date) and it'd be ready to use. Maybe not on screen (I filmed it on home video tape, and the quality is awful) but I could use the transcript in a magazince article, or such.

It's so fascinating to talk about God and religious beliefs - mostly because everybody's ideas on how we came to be are different to everybody elses. And I like that. I like getting inside people's heads and learning what makes them tick. The psychology of the human brain is the best art form any God could ever construct.

So maybe I'll complete the interview, and finally put to rest all those ideas I had for "A Documentary About God" all those years ago. I'm one of those people who hates leaving things unfinished, so it excites me to think that the documentary's journey may yet be completed. Watch this space for updates on the interview!
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