Friday, 7 December 2007

The Guy in Question

I'm kinda pissed, because I just travelled all the way to university - which takes a full hour - to use a Mac computer, because I need to edit rushes of "New Street Law" before Monday, and there's no damn computers free. None. At all. There's a class using them, right now, meaning that I'll have to go without for the time being, and hope they finish pretty soonish so I can edit again. Otherwise... well, Monday will come and I'll have done next to nothing!

*Deep breath*

Anyhoo, I'm trying my hardest to be in a good mood, because I've written even more of "Frank's Apocalypse" now! And it isn't the light and fluffy opening scenes!! (When you finally get to see "Frank" you'll realise none of it is light or particularly fluffy!) I've written the first exchange between Frank and Alice! It's the backbone of the entire first episode! If this scene fails, then so does the whole project! I'm overdosing on exclamation marks again!!

Episode one now goes by the semi-permanent (i.e. unless something better comes along) title of "The Guy in Question" which I like because it's got a very old skool vibe to it, and sounds incredibly 1980's. Which is great, because I love the 1980's.

I'm watching Steven Moffat's "Press Gang" series on DVD right now, and that's a definite influence on my writing of "Frank's Apocalypse". The way he masters his dialogue, and uses language to beef up his characters is a particular talent, and one that I'm shamelessly trying to nick. If my characters can be half as funny, or intelligent, or realistic as Steven's then I'll be on a winner. (If you've never seen "Press Gang" you really should - there's no excuses!)

When I get home later tonight I'll type up everything I've done so far (much of it was pre-typed in the first place, but there's several thousand scraps of paper floating around out there, in my pockets or backpacks or lockers or whatever, that I've used when an idea has hit me away from the computer or laptop. So tonight's the night I bring it all together, and see how much further I've got left to go with episode one.

And then, it's time I assemble the team together - and hopefully we'll film/edit/put up online. But from what I can tell so far, it's looking great. I've never been more proud of a script idea before; it genuinely has originality, and a heart and conveys a damn good message - and one that I think is important but missing from a lot of drama today; life is good, and we should enjoy it while it lasts. Frank mourns the death of his brother, but things have to move on - it's what the world is about. It's what this drama is about.
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