Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Honey Sweet Honey

This is kinda a sad fact to admit to, but I was sixteen years old when I got my first girlfriend (well, if we're being technical, I actually had another the year before, but this is my blog and I say she doesn't count) I'd like to be noble and say I held off until the perfect girl came along, but you know what, if I'm being honest that's only part of the reason. Mostly, I just sucked at talking to girls.

Seriously though, I put off from commiting to a relationship for so long, because all the girls around me I never truly felt 'connected' to. Sure, there were some stunning girls at my high school and college, but looks aren't everything. I wanted something deeper; a girl who had it all. Looks. Intelligence. Humour. The full monty (not the film, you idiot). And until I found that 'perfect' girl I held off from going out with anybody.

Eventually, almost two years ago, that girl did come along and we had fantastic fun together. Now I'm single again, I've started thinking about the qualities I look for in the opposite sex. Seriously, I have a mental checklist of the key ingredients I'm looking for, and unless my potential bode has all of those characteristics, I don't think I'd be interested in them (in a romantic sense of the word 'interested' of course).

They've gotta have:

1: Beauty
Let's start with the most shallow of my choices. I don't see the point in going out with somebody if you don't look at them every day and think "they're the most beautiful human being I've ever seen" Beauty is what initially attracts us to another person, and we shouldn't be ashamed to admit that it's beauty we (initially) look for from our partners. Once you've settled down, and the relationship has spread its wings, it's time to look past the looks, at what lies underneath...

2: Intelligence
If I'm commited to somebody for what could potentially be the rest of my life, I want them to have a certain level of intelligence; the ability to look at the world in a very active manner, and question what it means to live. You don't just wanna chat with a loved one, you want real, proper, heavy conversations. It helps you recognise who your partner really is, and how you fit into their lives and what you mean to them.

3: Humour
Likewise, a sense of humour is important. You don't wanna be stuck with Miss Glass Half Empty, do you? It's important for me that the other person has a sense of fun, and adventure too. Every day is a miracle, and one that should be enjoyed as fully as possible. Humour is just one way that we enjoy the day and the people around us. It heals wounds and demonstrates, in an ironic fashion, just how much your partner loves you and how strong the relationship really is.

4: Self-Potential
I like girls who plan ahead, and make plans for their future. Girls who know where they're heading and how they're going to get there. If life is one long journey, it's nice to know that your other half has picked you to travel that journey with.

5: Independence
Probably the most important quality of all, I love strong and independent woman - probably because I've been brought up around a lot of woman, and I realise how strong the female sex is. My dream gal would have to be able to stand on her own two feet I'd hate to date somebody who thinks I'm the dominent one in the relationship just because I'm male and she's not. Oh, please! Men and women are equal, and that's how I'd want any relationship to develop - with the man and woman as equals.

All those points... what would be the point in settling for anything less? You'd only end up breaking up in the long run because things weren't right, or because you've found somebody better suited to yourself. If you just wait and have a little patience, the right girl will come along. You might be together for 18 months, 18 years or the rest of your life, but it doesn't matter. You've found her, and fallen in love; thus proving to yourself that the wait was entirely worth it.

Because she's the girl of your dreams.
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