Wednesday, 5 December 2007

One For the Team

Food fights. Helium balloons. Waistcoats. Tents for... ah, Christmas. It's that time of year again, and last night was indeedy the staff christmas do - held at Chiquito's restaurante down in Pilsworth (literally, just across the way from where we all work) The night was fun, and we did plenty of silly things - like the above mentioned semi-food fight, and the casual 'sucking in helium to make your voice sound sweaky / hilarious, then recording it onto your video phone for safe consumption later'. Try saying that one when you've had one too many to drink...

I smartened myself up for the trip out (well, you've gotta look smart once in your life I suppose...) and wore my brand spanking new waistcoat. Literaly, just bought it at the weekend. I guess I have a thing for the old w'coat; I love wearing them, nd especially love girls who wear them too. All those points I made about the ideal girlfriend yesterday, I forgot to add, they gotta love wearing waistcoats.

Just... 'cos.

Everybody else scrubbed up pretty well too. It was great being able to sit down with them and socialise. Talk, like real people. No mentions of refunds, or toilet checks, or out of rack screens. Just good old fashioned banter. With me in a waistcoat. And gelled back hair. Oh yes, I went that far! Talk about dressing to impress...

After the meal we headed on down to Tuesday, but the problem was just that... it was Tuesday - hardly the most active of nights, so pretty much everywhere was shut. Damn. Double damn. We disbanded (most of the staff drunk, naturally) and headed on home. Lets not say how much the taxi back cost. No need to ruin memories of a good night out...

That's what it was, a good night out. This time next year the staff of the cinema might have gone their seperate ways. I might have left. Others might be gone. But I'll always remember last night, one of the only times we've all been together, in celebration of our team and all the work that it does. We're a good team, a great team, and I'm honoured to be a part of it.

If only more of the girls would wear a waistcoat.
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