Sunday, 9 December 2007

So This Is Christmas...

Christmas seems to follow a pattern; one year everything feels all Christmassy and there's that very special festival glow in the air, and then the following year goes a bit... well, limp. Unfortunately, this Christmas feels more limp than ever before.

Gone are the days of counting down advent and awaiting Santa's arrival - it's all about the presents now; how fast you can buy them and how much money you're willing to spend. The curse of a capitalist Christmas, I guess. (Maybe it's just because I'm an adult now and Christmas is such a kid's enjoyment?)

This year feels even stranger than before. I'm working most weekends and have very little time to Christmas shop. Even when I do go shopping I'm never in the Christmas mood and hardly buy a thing! I tried to cure this yesterday by picking up the "Now! That's What I Call X-Mas" CD but I fear it's too little too late; I'm not in a mood to celebrate this year.

Maybe it's because the last two Christmasses I've had a girlfriend around to celebrate with; but she's gone now and Christmas is all lonely again. Wonder if she feels the same way? I wonder if, right now, she's a little sad knowing that there's not a special someone who'll spoil her rotten this Christmas Day?

Guess I'll just have to soldier on, playing the Scrooge this year and hoping that next year's Christmas proves to be any better. But, saying that, there's still two weeks left to go before the big day yet. Who knows, I might still get that Christmas cheer, and celebrate the festive season just like it deserves to be celebrated.

Ho Ho Ho!
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