Monday, 10 December 2007

Time On My Hands

Whoa! The past couple of weeks have just flown by, haven't they? It's probably because I've had so much on my plate that I haven't had time to stop and look back. Always moving forwards, that's me. But seriously, whoa! December the 10th already - so much to do before Christmas and yet, so little time!

I've had like five university projects to complete all at once (talk about piling on the pressure!). There was a number of editing tasks that needed completing before today ("Shameless" and "New Street Law") but, thankfully, they're all done and dusted now. I've also - just! - completed a documentary proposal for my "Scriptwriting in Context" module. I'll go deliver that any minute now. But no time to rest, there's still plenty left to do!

I've got four 500 word essays to write before Wednesday afternoon; but, to be perfectly honest, I can probably work my way through them all tomorrow during my day off. Then there's a 20 minute presentation to plan for (which will take place Wednesday December 20th) which is based on the work of director Tim Burton. It's surprising how, with just over a week to go, we've hardly done as a group! Guess we'll just make the damn presentation up on the spot! Generally, it's how I work best - brag your way through it!

Then next Monday I've got to write a first draft of an essay that outlines where I want to go, and how I want to get there. Which is a little tricky to do this early in my writing career! It's like trying to second guess what will happen tomorrow - but it should be fun! I'm a forward thinker so the idea of planning ahead is kinda neat!

Honestly, I can't wait for the Christmas break from uni next week (the 'term' ends December 21st) which will give me enough time to Christmas shop. I'll also be working many an hour at the cinema - I'm thinking of expanding my available hours over the Christmas period so I can get a little more money for the new year. Not that I need additional money; I've got too much at the mo, and don't know what to do with it! *He jests*

December is also a busy month for birthdays, too. A couple of days ago it was my step-sister Kirsty's 20th birthday. Not that I saw her, because me and my dad ended up having a major bust up (he was probably still a little drunk from the night before...) and in the end he didn't pick me up like he was supposed to. Never mind; I don't really speak to Kirsty anyway. Put it this way; she's not my biggest fan, and I'm not hers either.

Today is my Nan's birthday, bless her. She barely gets out of the house anymore, but tonight she's coming with me to watch my sister perform in a panto in town, which should be great for the both of us. I think she suffers from depression a little - a side effect of being stuck in a small village flat all day long. Her health isn't what it was, either, which is a real shame because I remember when I was younger and she'd look after me. Now it's me who does the looking after. Hope she has a good day - she deserves it!

On Wednesday it's my baby sister Lauren's birthday. I won't say how old she is, because it makes me feel old to think that it was that many years ago she came into the world! She's growing up pretty fast, but is still a right royal pain in my ass! But that's what little sisters are for, I guess...

And as all this birthday chaos goes on around me, I'm busy trying to write "Frank's Apocalypse" though there's not been any progress since I last reported here on the site. I just need the time and patience to sit down and write the thing. It's like a mini paradox; when I want to write, I simply don't have the time - and when I do have the time, I'm too tired and can't be arsed. Hopefully Santa will bring me a refill of will power this Crimbo.

I have, at least, had a fairly decent weekend. I met up with Paul R - a writer on my Torchwood and Sarah Jane websites - and we had a quick coffee together, and talked and talked until both of us had exhausted our geekiness. Paul's a great guy (who's probably reading this right now) and hopefully we'll meet up again soon and geek out all over again!

Right, it's time for lunch - I've just got enough spare time to buy an egg mayo sandwich and a latte from the cafeteria before I head on back to my last lecture on "Photography and Editing". Just. So I better hurry and get my running shoes on!

Have a great day whatever you're doing!!
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