Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Another Day, Another Week

So, I arrived at uni this afternoon with plenty of time to go before the first lecture started. A little nervous (it's always strange to be back) I sat in the cafeteria for a little while, listening to my Mika CD and making notes on upcoming script projects, before I set off to find the rest of my class and attend that first lecture. Only I didn't find anybody. Not a single person.

Probably because, like that sign said on the lecture hall doors, lessons don't start until next week.

Which would have been handy to know before I set off this morning...

Nevermind, 'cos it means another week's holiday. Another week of sitting round the house, doing nothing at all and relaxing... Who am I kidding? It means another week of hard labour of my "Frank's Apocalypse" script. And if I get that done, I might just start the initial groundwork on my next project, "Lasagna". It's an idea that been bubbling around in that vast chasm of my mind for a while now. Time to get started, then!

I'm off to the cinemas tomorrow to watch the latest "Aliens. VS. Predator" movie, and although I've not heard good reviews, I'm still a little excited 'cos I'll be watching it with my Dad. We haven't watched a film together since October, as he started abusing the fact that I get a certain amount of free tickets every week. But I'm over that now. Time to move on!

Talking of moving on, I listened to a fantastic audio adventure earlier today - Joseph Lidster's fantastic Doctor Who story, "The Gathering", which concerns a former companion of the Doctor's, called Tegan Jovanka, who I grew up watching as a child. It felt great to hear that iconic voice again, and it meant so much to be able to say one last goodbye to the character.

I've got a stack of Big Finish CDs to get through, so - hopefully - I can work my way through a small number of them over the next week or so. After all, I've got all that free time to do whatever I want! Figures I might as well enjoy myself along the way.


Oh, I wrote another new 'episode' of "Foreign Devils" today - the first installment of the fifth, and final, season/strand. All those loose ends that I've left dangling on the series, they're beginning to wrap themselves up. But they'll be no happy endings.

That's 19 of the 130 strong list completed. Still another 111!
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