Monday, 28 January 2008

Blood and Gore

Finally got round to watching "Sweeny Todd" tonight; director Tim Burton's musical/gore masterpiece. Went to my work to watch it with the entourage, aka my Dad, Step-Mum and Grandma, and although (being all grown up) it was a little strange watching it with the older family members, we all had a good time and managed to eat lots of food, despite all the gory bloody scenes.

Talking of blood, my big toe is infected again. Seriously infected. Last night it was black, and I have to use that special cream again to avoid it turning into full scale blood poisoning. It's all because of that damn ingrowing toenail I have. The bugger just keeps on repeating, and every time it does it cuts that little bit further into my skin. Should really have that seen to; but I hate doctors, and medicine, and treatment, and admitting that you're ill.

Seriously, my reluctance to seek medical advice almost killed me once. Years ago when my appendix was about to burst, I insisted to my understandably worried Mum that it was probably "just gas" and would pass soon. A day later, it hadn't (and to my sorrow, no gas) and I finally caved in and went to hospital. Days later, after the operation to remove my defunct appendix, I jokingly said to Mum that it wasn't anything serious. She said it could have been lethal.

My face dropped.

Anyways, aside from the toe I'm 100% fine. I think. I keep peeing a lot recently (TMI, for sure) and drinking more than normal, which has me scared that I'm a diabetic. My elderly nan suffers from the condition, and I've worried for years that I'll develop it sooner or later. How much of a hypochondriac am I?

I'm glad I've got relatively good health; it helps me to appreciate life that little bit more. I spent tonight planning a forthcoming "Frank's Apocalypse" where exactly the opposite happens, and it has tragic consequences. When I originally pitched the idea to others, this particular storyline wasn't included because I never imagined that I've ever be brave enough to write it - but here we are, and as soon as the series is up and running, pen will touch paper and I'll find that bravery all of a sudden, and without warning.

Guess that's why I ramble on about "Frank..." so much; it's a basic premise with so much flexability and room for development. One week it's a laugh a minute (Horatio... toilets... together!) and the next it's... well, that would be telling.

It's time I got some sleep. It's back to university tomorrow, and time I got a little more work done on "Frank..." episode one.


Today there's just 107 out of 130 stories let to write off of my 2008 hotlist...
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