Thursday, 3 January 2008

I Spent Last Night Breaking Out...

I defy the odds, for right now I should have a great big stonking hangover. But I don't. For some reason, the hangover gene escaped my family, meaning I can drink as much as I like and not fear the headache police the next morning. After a night last night, it's kinda not fair for me not to have a hangover, but there you go!

Went out with a few friends from work, and I got - admittedly - a little drunk. Well, little would be an understatement. I was about as pissed as they come - which meant that my behaviour was probably a little wilder and a little more mental than most other nights!

Surprisingly, I remember most of the night. I remember talking to a lot of girls who I used to know at college, like Lauren Allpress, Zita Bradley and Lauren Saxton - to namedrop but a few! It was great catching up with them all, even if I did admit to Miss Saxton that I fancied the socks off of her at college! She was a little surprised by the confession, but looked a little flattered too! Hehe. Check me, the drunk pimp!!

I also remember hitting my friend really hard (but only a 'play' slap - no harm intended; besides, he started it first, promise!) Chris, my friend, is an equally mad drunk who'll go around picking fights wherever he can. So, not the best drunk to have around! Lucky thing the rest of us are there to put a stop to his intoxicated frustrations!

Aside from hitting Chris, I was also dancing like a crazy man. Seriously, I'm the sort of person who loves music but very rarely dances to the rythm - but when I'm off my head, apparently, there's no stopping me! All around Bury's Tesco store, at three in the morning, there was me, popping to the beat and moonwalking down the isles. Complete prat, or legend? Umm...

So a good night all round - got home at around 4am, but didn't care. I'd let my hair down a little, something I've told myself for years that I should do. Hope there's more nights like this; maybe not as drunk, but just as crazy!
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