Monday, 21 January 2008

*Important January Post*

Did you know that it's two years since I wrote my first blog post here on the House of Garnon page? Back then this little page of mine was even smaller; dedicated to a now aborted script that I was attempting to write at the time, called "Timespotters" - a science-fiction thriller about the dangers of time travel. One day, oh so far from now, I'll return to that script idea and develop it a little further.

It's also been a whole year since I relaunched the blog, to cover my entire life and writing career. Before that, in November 2006, I'd quit writing this online diary, because I didn't see the point in it anymore, and I'd completely ran out of steam. And boy, am I so glad that I returned! Since this time last year I've come on so much, and my writing is that much more sophisicated. All because of this tiny blog, which has kept me writing - and wanting to write - for such a long time!

Anyhoo, it's back to university tomorrow, after an extended Christmas vacation. If I'm totally honest I'm not really looking forward to going back; I mean, I've had so much fun these last couple of weeks writing my short stories and my "Frank's Apocalypse" script, it feels strange to go back. I just gotta get into the habit of keeping up with the writing whilst I'm at uni. That's the thing that depresses me most of all, not having the time to do what I want, and write the scripts that are bubbling away in my mind.

Talking of scripts, I'm going away in a minute to complete the first draft of "Frank's..." These past few days I've been talking to everybody I know (EVERYBODY!) about the script. Which means one thing; I'm totally in love with the thing, and can't get it out of my mind. And that's the great thing about doing what I do, and the reason that I know writing is for me; because I never tire of the worlds I write about. Because even when I'm lonely, it feels like I have many a friend around me!

I've got an interview to prepare for, too. I'll be posting a few questions to the head of my uni course, Anna - so I better go away and think up some decent questions to ask her. Otherwise 'll end up saying something stupid like, "Erm... so... nice day?" And who cares about the weather?

Oh, and to complete this random-ness post, my list!

18 down, 112 to go!
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