Friday, 11 January 2008

Nu Anthony

The last week or so I've had a renewed vigour about life, and I don't know why. Perhaps it's all of the new stuff that I've got going on; stuff that's keeping me very, very busy and a little entertained too.

Take my "Frank's Apocalypse" script. I'm six pages into episode one right now (which contains the phrase "That's not a compliment, H" amongst others) and I'm having a blast. I never intended to use the character of Horatio Maguire - from my short film "Self" - in this introductory episode, but I have and he fits perfectly. His natural blend of goofy comedy compliments the dramatic goings on of Frank meeting Alice so magnificently.

Honestly, I've never planned to use this much humour in this first episode, but it just fits, so why not? I sat there thinking,"If I was an audience member watching this, I'd be considering suicide by now" - not good, especially when this is only ep 1! So I injected a little va va voom into the project, and now it's positively beaming with life again!

Anyhoo, I've also been busy buying myself new stuff. Got myself a new laptop for downstairs the other day. Sure, I already have one laptop set up, but that's just for uni work and script writing. This newbie (which I'm using right now) is for all my out of hours internet surfing that I like to do. It's nice to keep work and pleasure seperate, so at least I know where I'm at!

Also got a new HD Ready LCD TV today, and I tried it out by re-watching my "Self" short on it. My God, the picture quality is like an Opticians wet dream! Sure, I was crying my eyes out realising how very bad "Self" look on screen, but at least I had the new TV to comfort me. It was a bargain too; only cost £179 from Tesco!!

I've been spending quite a bit of money recently, but I've got an awful lot saved away, so that's ok. I've been enjoying myself on night's out with the guys and gals from work, and getting myself into all sorts of drunken trouble! But why not; you only live once, and what's the point of life if you just work, work, work? Hmm?

Right, it's late and I need my sleep. Otherwise I'll wake up tomorrow a new person again - I won't be the cheery Anthony that you know and love. I'll have been replaced by his rather grumpy cousin from the planet Zog-Zog. And I'll have bad hair too, 'cos I'm growing my hair and when I wake up it's all spiky and weird. Oh, those damn devil horns!!

Toodles noodles.
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