Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Progress! At Last!!

Met up with my friend Jack Porter again today, and we got talking about "Frank's Apocalypse" - discussing certain elements (like the characters, the tone, that sort of thing) and I told Jack about my plans for episode one; something I *insist* is as perfect as can be. Because if you're pilot episode is a letdown, it doesn't bode well for the series proper, does it?

Yeah, so we made a few notes and swapped ideas. We talked about what we want from the series, and who we're reaching out for. Hell, we even talked about what actors we couls potentially use. I drew some sketches; if the series ever gets made (and people watch it!) they'll make they're way onto Ebay, and I'll be terribly embarrased!

Coming away from the meeting, I suddenly feel re-fueled and rearing to go again! I had a little lull throughout December (I blame the mince pies) but now I'm back down to business, and it's going to rock. Oh yes it is!

Elsewhere, and I've started working my way through that 126 strong list I made on New Year's Eve. Basically I've set myself a challenge; to write all 126 stories by the time 2008 ends. Some of them are scripts (like "Frank's...") and some of them are short stories, told in prose form - like "Foreign Devils", which I was writing today.

It's almost been a year since I last wrote for "Foreign Devils", one of my most maturist and intelligent series. It tells the story of a bunch of charity recruits, who head on out to the Africian state of Mucano following a massive earthquake there. I've wrote three "seasons" so far, and I'm writing the fourth - and final - series right now. It'll be sad to let go, but I started the journey such a long time ago (2003!) that it'll be a relief to get it off my back at last, and be done with the thing.

That's the whole point of my 126 point list; to finally move on from a lot of things that have dogged my past. To finally conclude those series, like they deserve. Bring a little closure to what's gone before, and move onto pastures new. Like "Frank" or whatever. Look to the future, and enjoy what the past has brought me.

125 items waiting to be written...
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