Saturday, 19 January 2008

Serious Conversation

One of the things that depresses me most about working in a cinema is the fact that everybody's always in a rush, cleaning screens or doing other stuff that *urgently needs doing*. Whenever we have a little time to ourselves we, as is reasonable, like to spend it joking around and generally taking the piss out of whatever we can. And that's fun, honest, but once in a while I'd like some proper, serious conversation. It's not asking for much, is it?

I'm not saying that I never get serious chats, but they're rare and almost certainly happen with the same people; people, therefore, I like to hold onto. People I call friends, like Ant Caine or Stefan Finta. Or somebody else... a girl who I won't mention, bjut I'm a little smitten about. Serious chit chat; it's the way to my heart!

It's funny, but me and said girl are probably poles apart, but I like her way of thinking and her willingness to share that thinking with me. That's something I've never really had in previous relationships. Once upon a time I tried having a serious discussion with a certain ex-girlfriend of mine, and it just wasn't happening. Sure, she was listening to every word I say, but she wasn't participating in the conversation. Well, the relationship as a whole really...

Talking of which, Katie's twin sister Joanne O'Donnell visited the cinema today to watch a film, and it felt so awkward. Just as I was finally moving on, up she pops and gets me thinking about big K all over again, which isn't so helpful. Worse thing is, she demonstrated how far we've drifted apart, 'cos she brought what I can only assume is a date with her to the pictures. Joanne with a boyfriend? WTF, when did that happen???

No dis-respect for the girl, but I didn't really want Joanne there. Months ago I would have done, but that was long before her sister started blanking my mum on the street, or worse still, looking down at her. Long before Katie's parents sniggered at the site of me. Long before Joanne herself blocked me off Facebook, because all I did was send her a welcoming message. I don't need those sorts of people in my life, not one bit. I hope Joanne or Katie reads this blog post and gets my message. I don't want you anywhere near me; leave the cinema alone, it's my domain and you've got no place there.

Honestly, I'm so angry now. But it's not anger stemming from lost love, oh no. I'm passed Katie Marie O'Donnell now, I'm happy living my life. It's a good existence again, after a long time trying to recover from the damage Katie did. No, I'm angry at myself, for writing about Joanne. She doesn't deserve my time. But thing is, there's still a little love there, for Katie and all her family, and whilst that thread lives on, I'll always find room to forgive Kate for anything.

A weakness, perhaps?

Anyway, forget about all that. Think positive. I've now wrote seven new episodes of "Foreign Devils" (not really that much of an accomplishment considering each 'episode' is only two pages long!) and five new episodes (again, 'episodes') of Timespotters: Double Helix. I find writing them a fascinating experience. It's so hard trying to cram everything into two short pages, almost impossible even! It warms my brain up for the major challenge; "Frank's Apocalypse" - which, you'll be pleased to know, I'm now 16 out of 25 pages through. Whoo!

So, that's 12 out of my 130 list completed! 118 left to go!!
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