Monday, 7 January 2008

Spike Loves Lynda

I'm the sort of person who has shelves full of DVDs, but the majority of them aren't films, but television programmes. Like "Doctor Who", or "Jonathan Creek", or "Coupling", or "Scrubs", or whatever. And I have a peculiar practice when it comes to viewing these shows. I choose to consume them one at a time, once daily. In other words, I watch an episode a day, rather than as a mrathon one after each other.

Except "Press Gang", because I've fallen in love with the show, its scripts and its characters.

Take Spike Thompson and Lynda Day, two characters who - throughout the series - flirt with the idea of actually dating, and when they do (on occassion) date, flirt with the idea of loving one another. Their relationship is a miles apart from that of Ross and Rachael on "Friends" - and it's a million times better too. Spike and Lynda feel like real people, with real thoughts and believable actions.

They draw you into the world of "Press Gang". It's the reason why I can sit and watch the show all day long, episode after episode. It's intelligent and funny, honest and brave. It's everything I want from my life, and everything I want from my scripts. Take "Frank's Apocalypse" - after watching just one episode of Steven Moffat's "Press Gang" I knew that I'd been doing it all wrong, and I amended my original plans.

I've pretty much taken the Christmas period off, but now it's time I started the writing again. I've made a checklist of all the scripts and prose stories I want to have written by the end of 2008. There's 126 in all, which scares me. But if just a fraction of them are as great as what I've been watching these past few weeks, I'll stand proud.

What do they say? Don't try to inspire, just try to be inspired.

Works for me.
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