Sunday, 10 February 2008


First things first, my voice is back to normal. Which is a real shame, because when I have a cold it does actually sound convincingly male. Right now, back to normal, it's a little squeaky and does that annoying thing of cracking when I'm midway through a sentence. Seriously, I'll be saying something deep and profound and my voice will just go, and I look like an idiot!

My foot's all better now, too. I had to cut the damn ingrowing toenail thing out myself. Pretty, it wasn't. Painful and bloody it was. But it's all better now - I an move my toe and it doesn't hurt. SHOCKER!! Seriously, it's a relief to know that the thing isn't infected anymore. They won't need to hack it off now, will they? A boy sleeps easier.

Now that I'm all better again, I've decided that it's time I looked after myself a little. I've eaten far too sweets and drank too much shite these last half dozen months or so. Ever since I got the job at the cinema, really. Access to so much sugar coated goodness, it's no wonder my teeth have gone sweet.

So I've decided to give it up. I'll stop eating quite so much 'bad stuff' and make a fresh start eating only the best. I'll drink lots of water, which will be hard because I've become so addicted to drinks like Vimto, Ribena and Cola, it'll be hard (damn near impossible) to give them all up. Imagine trying to take blood away from a vampire, and all the anguish they'd have to go through to survive.

But it'll be worth it. Recently I've been waking up and feeling like crap. My head aches, and my arms and legs tingle, almost like they're not quite heathly enough. My kidneys hurt too, on the odd occassion, and it's all down to a poor diet. If I choose better, then all those problems should go away, and I can live my life normal again.

I don't want to look in the mirror 30 years from now and think "if only I'd treated myself better back in the day". I want to stand proud and know I always did myself best.

It's time for a change. An Anthony shaped detox.
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