Wednesday, 27 February 2008

I Survived the Earthquake!!

Last night, 'bout 1am, I was busy chatting away on the computer when the dog started acting a little funny. She got up, walked around in a circle, and let out a howl. And then the walls started to shake - as an earthquake hit most of Great Britain!

It was kinda bizzare. I had no idea what was going on at first; didn't know if it was a some kind of terrorist attack (a bomb, or whatever what) or the end of the world as we knew it. I mean, earthquakes in Britain - not something that happens every day, is it?

To make matters a whole lot worse, I was still a little tipsy after filming "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" all night long, with my Dad in his local pub. He only agreed to be shown on camera if I got involved myself and enjoyed a few drinks. So, naturally, I did. And so, by 1am when the world shook, my world was already shaking!!

It was funny seeing all the news coverage this morning; the BBC chose to show a whole bunch of middle class nowbodies moaning that the ground did or didn't shake for them, whilst ITV did the exact opposite; it dumbed down, and *told* its audience, in a very patronising manner, that an earthquake had hit, and then - as if viewers didn't already know - what an earthquake actually is! Pur-lease!! Treat your audience with a little intelligence/respect.

Hardly anybody at uni felt it happen. Guess I'm the only one sad enough to be up at 1am on a Tuesday night/Wednesday morning! Really should stop doing that; I'm missing out of vital beauty sleep!!

Anyways, how was it for you? Were you even awake at 1am? Hmm?!
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