Monday, 18 February 2008

In the Hands of a Bitter, Bitter Man

About three months ago I told my Mum to stop talking to me about the ex-girlfriend, Katie O'Donnell. It seemed right, a natural progression - after all, we'd been seperated for about six months at that time, and it was clear she wasn't coming back. If I'm honest, I was trying to let go; stop caring; whatever. It worked. "Katie" is a filthy word in my house now.

Except... for some reason... my Mum decided to wake me up on Saturday morning to tell me the 'latest gossip'. As it happened, it was about Katie. After all this time she's got a new boyfriend called Louis or Leon or something* and my Mum thought her decision to wake me up and tell me was justified. Erm...

Truth be told, I tried not to care or react when I heard the news. After all, nine and a half months on, Katie isn't anything to do with me anymore and I'm not supposed to care. But I do; because I still feel that we deserve to be together. However, together we're not; and I hope this new guy makes her genuinely happy. She deserves it.

There is (naturally) a side of me that wants Kate and Mr. L's relationship to go horribly wrong, but that's only cos I'm bitter and resentful, and still on my own. Whatever, she's not my concern now. My family, my friends, my collegues, they're my primary concern today. No time to look back, but plenty of time to be bitter.

"Take a bow, play the part of a lonely lonely heart..."

* By the way, I think it's quite amusing that Louis, or Leon, or whatever he's damn well called is openly bi-sexual, and has only ever had boyfriends up to this point. So, Katie is attracted to camp guys - says a lot about my masculinity, doesn't it?!
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