Monday, 4 February 2008

The Last Week

Whoa! The last seven or so days have been a little mad, haven't they? For the first time in a long while I was busy practically everyday - which meant one thing; no time to update this blog. No... wait... that's a lie. Plenty of time to update - I just chose not to! Guess I wanted a little distance, a chance to catch my breath again after a whirlwind few months.

Here's what I've been up to in my time off...


Woke up at twelve o'clock (hey, I had a busy time at work over that weekend - I deserved that lie in!) and then I spent much of the day watching episodes of "Coupling". The evening came and I went to the cinema with my Dad, Step-Mum and Grandma. But enough about that; it's covered in this blog post.


Back to university, and with a bump. Honestly, I just couldn't be bothered. The lecturer looked stoned - and acted it - and all we did was sit down and watch a couple of short films, all of which I've seen already (back at Holy Cross College). I dunno why I lacked enthusiasm. Perhaps it's because I'm realising more and more that I hate people telling me what to do, and that's all that seems to be happening on this university course.

Oh, and I wrote some more. At least that cheers me up!


Another day at uni, and a little more enjoyable than the day before. Wednesday is my film theory class, and I think it's a very interesting topic. The psychology of audiences is something that's always intrigued me. Guess it's one reason why I write, to try and understand how a script/film/programme can genuinely move its viewers.

Torchwood in the evening, but truth be told it bored me to tears. I can tell that it wanted to be deep and emotional and so many other things, but it felt too contrived and didn't really do anything for me. Although, saying that, Naoko Mori and Burn Gorman were *fantastic* and that's when the show is at its best; when it gives its stars a chance to shine.


Final day of uni for the week, and it was the longest and most drawn out too. I was told that I'd have to film a documentary that I made a proposal for way back in November, which didn't exactly leave me wanting to jump up and down celebrating, because said documentary involves my Dad being an alcoholic. Because I never thought it'd be filmed I egged up the whole situation; yes he's a bad drunk, but he's not terrible. Now I've got to go out and film him, with a small group of film makers, which leaves me... well, this action sums me up perfectly right now:



"Cloverfield"! At last!! I was always meant to watch it with my Mum and sister (okay, sad I know, but I've no girlfriend, and my friends are ALWAYS at work, so I settle for family members) but they weren't available. Watched it with Dad instead. Tis quite a funny and suspenseful film and ten times better than Will Smith's man and dog attempt.

Worked in the evening. The cinema was chaos, because there's six new films out, and crowds of people wanted to watch the said six films. Popcorn everywhere! Drinks dropped! Nachos spilled across the floor! Staff in a hurry! All equals... chaos!


Spent most of the daytime visiting my Nan, and then popped across to Manchester city centre for a nosey around. Didn't buy anything of course, but it was fun to have a look. I realise that issue 11 of the Buffy comic is out next week, and suddenly become uber excited.

Work in the evening was chaos again, but tremedous fun. They hadn't put enough ushers on shift all night, and a couple of people had rung in sick, meaning that there was a lot of work to do, and not enough people to do it. And to make matters worse, most of the staff are newbies, having only started a few days before. The cinema is having a hiring frenzy right now, and we've got six new people to train. Amid the chaos. Somehow we managed. Just.


A long deserved bath! (I had, by this point, began to smell, I'm sure) And then an afternoon of watching "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and catching up on "Lost" season four. Charley looked weird in that episode, even for a dead man. And don't get me started on his or Naomi's piss poor Mancunian accents. Still, it's great to have "Lost" back; aand despite what people say, it's not about the answers, it's about the journey taken to them.

Final night of work. Was very boring. Lots of customers. Lots of cleaning. Lots of conversation. Topics of discussion? Are your ex-girlfriends/boyfriends allowed to come to your place of work following a nasty break-up? Bitching about the new staff, 'specially one guy in particular. Manager bashing. Manager ass kissing. Southport... oh yes, crazy Southport! And America too! (I'm detirmined to go there next summer. New York 2009, oh yes!).

Which brings us to...


Visited my other Nan for the first time in a while. She seems a little better than she did over Christmas, and is trying to clean her flat. Her sense of humour remains. Back at home I'm watching more "Curb..." and my brand spanking new Doctor Who DVD, "The Time Meddler", which came through the door this morning.

Might try and write a little more of "Frank" tonight, and do a little of the'homework' I was given from uni. After that it's more "Coupling" and I realise that my week has come full circle.

Right now it's tea time, and I'm eating fish and chips. The luxery.

Au revoir!
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