Tuesday, 19 February 2008


It's curious; I've never really celebrated my birthday. When I was little, I remember having a fifth birthday party, just like I did last year when I celebrated turning eighteen. Apart from those two times, however, I've never really done anything to celebrate turning another year older. It's a personal thing, I guess - I just don't see the point in birthdays.

Sure, it's nice to celebrate a person's life and achievements, and you might as well do it on the day that they were born, but more often than not birthdays don't do this. They're just another excuse for a piss-up, and next-day-hangover. I mean, when was the last time somebody said to you on your birthday, "Happy birthday, and congratulations on living these last [x] years; you've done so much with your life!"

Anyway, birthdays are like pats on the back, which I don't like. It makes me blush and go all egomaniac when people celebrate me. Look, I'm really not that important - go bother somebody who is, like a Doctor, or Fireman, or whatever. I'm just a nobody that happens to have turned 365 days older overnight. And I am an egomaniac, too. It's all about the ego. Clearly.

This birthday (today, in case you haven't clicked on yet) has been a pretty low key affair, which I like. The family aren't surrounding me; they're just living their lives like normal, which is cool. It means I can get on with doing my own thing, and not be followed around all night long! Don't get me wrong, I love them all to pieces, and they're great. I'm just not a birthday person!

Thanks to everybody who wished me "Happy Birthday" though, or anybody who sent me a card and present. It means so much that you take a little time out of your day to do that. And that's my birthday message. Not "Ooh, look at me, centre of attention, birthday boy!" but "thank you all, friends and family, for being there for me" I love and care about you all more than you'll ever know. This day, like all others, is for you, because you've made me the person I am today.
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